If you enjoy an occasional Netflix binge-watching session, chances are you’ve been involved with some legal dramas before. Intense scenes of defence lawyers and prosecutors confronting each other in front of a devoted jury is probably an image that arises in most people’s head when they think about a TV show that has to do with law. That happens to be the case because the USA happens to produce the most popular and the most compelling legal shows that are also numerous in quantity. Regardless of whether you’re looking to add one more of those to your already extensive list or if you are just exploring some new directions for TV shows to watch, this list should have something for you.

How to Get Away with Murder

Probably one of the more famous ones, to say the least. The intense legal drama covers a story of a law professor and her students that goes way beyond classroom debates and difficult papers. Annalise Keating, a law professor and a widely known defence lawyer, who is also probably one of the toughest characters, male or female, to ever show up on a TV show screen, selects a group of students for her legal clinic. The aim is to nurture talented minds and do some good work in the process. They end up being involved in an accidental murder (as the title hints), and things just escalate from there, to say the least. As of now, there are six seasons in total, each with a distinct spin to it and exceptional character development. If you like stories that involve showing how unfair, random and difficult life can be, all in the context of law studies, this one is for you.


This TV shows stands a synonym to attractive men and powerful women, all united by their love for law (or breaking it). Harvey Specter, a lawyer famous not just for his win record at the court, but also for his excessive arrogance and straightforward character, hires Mike Ross, who ends up participating in the interview by accident. During it, Harvey finds out that Mike is no Harvard graduate (which is mandatory if you want to work for their firm), or any graduate at all for that matter, but sees a lot of himself in Mike and decides to give him a shot nonetheless. And yes, Harvey is well aware that a lawyer without an actual license to practice law can cause enormous issues to the firm. 7 seasons later, a lot has changed, but one thing remains for sure – and that is the admiration and devotion all characters have for the discipline of law.

TV Shows that will Make you Love Law

For the People

This might be an interesting one if you feel like you’ve seen all of the legal TV shows. It depicts the struggles and triumphs of fresh graduates, who have just joined the Southern District of New York Federal Court – one of the most prestigious legal centres in the whole of USA. Good and evil, pro-bono cases and corporate greed, prosecutors and federal public defenders are just among many binaries that face each other in the never-ending pursuit of justice driven by young idealism.

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