Are you planning to travel to the United States of America anytime soon? If you answered yes, then this article is for you! Sure, in such a progressive country the laws have to make sense to protect its citizens and visitors. However, not all laws have to make sense, and there can be some ridiculous ones too, some of which are simply old forgotten ones. Here are just a few strange laws in some of the most visited US states.


People can do different outrageous and illegal things, and this is why laws are created. Due to different crimes that happen in the state, law enforcement has to make sure that people don’t commit those crimes again, or at least less frequently. As a punishment, people either have to pay the fine or do community service or spend time in jail. Below you will read the list of the weirdest laws in Florida. Even if these laws might be outdated, they are still written down and people should technically abide by them.

  • In Miami Beach, you cannot sell oranges on the sidewalk.
  • If you go to a hairdresser in the state of Florida, make sure you don’t fall asleep under a hairdryer! You can be fined for falling asleep.
  • Just got out of the public swimming pool and want to break into song? Don’t! In Florida, it is illegal to sing in public.
  • If you are an unmarried woman you are not allowed to go parachuting on Sunday. For disobeying this law, you may be fined, arrested or put in jail.
  • Don’t buy a skateboard, unless you have a license to use it. Seriously.
  • If you got tired from moving stuff into your new place and left a couch underneath the outdoor carpet, you can be fined $50!

New York State

Time Square, New York during daytime
New York State

If you are traveling to the Big Apple, be ready to be ticketed for the weirdest things ever! Even though all the laws in New York State are created for your own safety, you might still do something that is prohibited without realizing its illegal and be punished for it. To avoid such inconvenient expenses and unpleasant surprises, check out this list of weird laws in the NY State.

  • Don’t throw a ball at someone’s face. Initially, this law has been created for carnival workers to prevent them from being abused by their bosses. It is also frowned upon of you make someone ride a bicycle or dance for 8 hours straight.
  • You cannot sell a dog’s or cat’s hair. The law has been created to avoid cruelty towards animals and the sale of their fur. However, the law does not cover wild dogs or wild cats.
  • If you flirt, you will be fined $25! This law has been created to fine men who are trying to flirt with women on the streets, as well as to stop prostitution.
  • You cannot run a puppet show from a window. If you were thinking of making your own puppet show for the kids outside of your apartment – don’t do it! It might result in you getting fined for $25 or spending 30 days in jail!