If you are planning to travel to Europe anytime soon and not sure where to start your preparations for the journey – check out the laws! When you will read about the most unusual or strangest laws in Europe, you will be able to protect yourself from any unwanted and embarrassing situations. It doesn’t matter if you are an American traveling around Europe or a European traveling to a neighboring country. Below you will find just a few laws from different European countries that, while strange, are still active, so make sure you don’t break those laws!


When traveling to Greece, where it’s nice weather and beautiful sites, make sure to wear something other than heels. Apparently, it is illegal to wear high heels in Olympia or in the Acropolis of Athens. The reason is fairly simple – by wearing heels you might scratch and harm the ancient monuments, and if you do that, there is a high chance of you going to jail. So, remember – wear comfortable shoes and try not to damage anything around you with them.


If you don’t want to be dragged out of the ocean and put in jail – don’t pee in the ocean! It is illegal in Portugal to pee in the ocean, and it doesn’t justify the fact that you are too lazy to find a restroom. There are enough public restrooms around the beach, so when nature calls, don’t ignore it. Go and use the restroom that is located on the beach and you won’t have to spend half of your vacation in a Portuguese jail.



This country is not as strict as other countries, and yet it has some weird laws too. If you are driving from the beach to your rented penthouse in Spain, then don’t be tempted to wear flip-flops. Apparently, in Spain, it is believed that if you are wearing flip-flops while driving it has a negative influence on your seating position and you might lose control over your vehicle. And this is not just a warning from the Spanish authorities. If you get caught wearing flip-flops, you might be fined 200 EUR. Be careful on the road and wear the right shoes, or none at all!


Are you a man and want to wear a skirt while touring in Italy? Well, you’re out of luck! In Italy, if you are a man and you are wearing a skirt in a public place, you have a high chance of getting arrested. Why? Perhaps because Italians are concerned about their manhood. Moreover, it’s one of the fashion hubs in Europe, so you cannot offend its citizens who live in a land of fashion and style with a blatant insult of an outfit.


In Switzerland, should you have the urge to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, you still can. However, you are not allowed to flush the toilet at night. Weird, right? Well, some people in Switzerland call this strange law an “urban myth”. Perhaps by flushing the toilet at night, you might accidentally wake people up who are in a deep sleep. Switzerland famously hates noise. Regardless, just don’t drink too much water before bed and you will be just fine!