First things first – if you are researching this topic, you are probably interested in starting or pursuing your studies in the field of law. It is important to emphasize one aspect of law, which is that unlike medicine, for example, law is not as universal country to country. Each state has its own legal framework and chooses to govern itself in different ways. Thus, depending on the branch of law you choose, you might have a hard time practicing law abroad (you’ll need to pass exams, complete supplementary courses, take additional tests and so on). Thus, I suggest you think carefully about where you envision yourself in life and how your career as a lawyer should look like. All that being said, there are a couple of law schools with which you simply cannot go wrong.

Harvard Law School

There is no denying that Harvard Law is famous all around the world – many TV shows feature lawyers from Harvard, you can find Harvard Law alumni in some of the most prestigious courtrooms and working some of the most difficult and famous cases. All of that is not without a reason. Founded in 1817, it is the oldest law school in the entire of United States. The school has nearly 400 staff members, all of whom show extreme passion for law and hope to instill it in the students. Harvard is famous for making the large class idea work (some contain as many as 80 students) as well as creating study programs that are rigorous and require students to dedicate most of their energy to their studies. However, one must agree that oftentimes this is how the greatest field experts are born – from extreme passion to their subject and relentless work. It is also fair to say that the image of Harvard aids the student success – most who go there are truly determined to reach greatness.

University of Oxford

Yet another world-famous giant of intellectual achievements, Oxford has been the top destination for many who wish to associate their life with law and do it well. Its Faculty of Law is a federation of thirty law schools from colleges across Oxford. Its main areas of focus include: security, rights and justice; penal culture, policy and practice; politics, legitimacy and criminal justice; crime and family; psychology, criminal justice and law, victims and victimisation; and criminal justice, citizenship and migration – evidently, there is something for everyone, as long as you are good enough to get in.

University of Melbourne

Representing a completely different part of the world, law studies at the University of Melbourne have been sought after ever since the establishment of Melbourne Law School in 1857. It is the oldest and the most prestigious law school in the entirety of Australia and has produced numerous notable alumni who play a significant role not only in Australia, but also internationally. It is infamous for the difficulty of admissions – the class caps at 350 students. However, it is to be understood that Melbourne Law School wants to create and environment where the best of the best can grow even more, and that is to be celebrated.


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